XV Enterprises

XV is a full service management and consulting agency which strategically targets world class athletes and entertainers to represent.
XV is proud to represent NFL quarterback Tim Tebow

The Transition

We fully understand the complexities involved in making the transition from amateur to pro. From aligning yourself with trustworthy legal and financial teams, to being mentally and physically prepared for all of the challenges that you will encounter during this crucial phase in your life... XV knows the recipe for success.


In collaboration with our digital partners, XV will ensure that our clients personal brand is properly represented in the online arena. Website design, Social Media Profiles and mobile application development services can be utilized to allow each client to truly engage with their fan base.

Contract Negotiations

Our team of advisors will assure that you and your personal brand's interests are represented in an ethical manner and appropriately compensated. XV believes in reaching agreements that are mutually beneficial and therefore conducive to the long-term growth of the relationships.

Performance Training

XV has partnered with several elite training facilities nationwide to provide our clients with the best environments, trainers and medical teams in the industry.